Here’s a list of scooter forums:

Modern Vespa
The premier site for Vespa scooters

Modern Buddy
The premier site for Genuine scooters

New York Scooter Club Forum
A Public Service of the New York Scooter Club

The premier site for vintage bikes and mob-rules moderation

Scooter Diva Forum
They don’t ride on the back, they ride their own!

Urban Scootin
Honda Metropolitan scooter forum

Adventure Rider
Forum chronicles motorcycle and scooter trips

Maxi Scooters!
Forum devoted to mostly larger scooters

Beginning Bikers
Forum provides information to the new and returning bikers and scooterists

Aprilia Forum
Forum devoted to Aprilia scooters and motorcycles as well as other Piaggio models

Horizons Unlimited
Forum provides an incredible amount of information about touring on any size of motorcycle

Orlando Scooter Society
Classic * Twist-N-Go * 49cc * Maxi

Scooter Shack
A UK based scooter forum with enthuses on moding 50cc and 125cc scooters

Scooter Invasion
A North Carolina based forum, with enthuses on moding 50cc scooters, for street and track.

Twist & Go
A UK forum, connected to the Magazine Twist & Go with mainly general Scooter discussion

A Dutch based forum with a English section…..

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